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Build a thriving Locations Community fueled by technology, networking and partnerships. We’re inviting Location Scouts, Location Managers, Location Agents and Site Rep’s to join us in our mission of helping our peers create new professional relationships and partner with us to earn more money doing the things we’re already doing…Finding, Renting, Protecting and Repping Locations.

Features You’ll Love

We’re constantly striving to make iScoutLA better by creating a culture of continual improvement. One of our Core Values is “Make it Better!” If you have a great idea to make iScoutLA even better, send it our way, we’d love to hear from you!

Community First

iScoutLA's main focus is our community. We're building this for YOU!

Built-In Chat System

Make new connections or ask other users questions about your job.

Beautiful Presentations

Stunning presentations designed specifically for how we work.

Lighting Fast Search

Search your locations in an instant.

On-Board Location Service

User-driven Location Service offers a fresh approach to earning extra cash. Cha-Ching!

Earn Extra Money

Preferred vendor network helps you earn money on rentals. Double Cha-Ching!

Group-Driven File Sharing

Share files with your friends, other union members, or all iScoutLA users. You’re in charge!

Most scouts tend to work in small, trusted groups where we share jobs and clients within that group. For instance the creators of iScoutLA worked in a small group of scouts ranging from 6-10 people for the last 15+ years. Through this experience we learned first hand about the power of teamwork and the dynamic of working together in an environment where many scouts are "on their own." iScoutLA gives you the ability to create your own file sharing groups so you can easily share files with your posse. You're also provided with pre-made groups based on your union status so you can easily share files with your fellow union brothers and sisters.

Earning Extra Money is Easy

As an iScoutLA user there are multiple ways for you to earn extra income. Our goal is to help you become financially secure!

User-Driven Location Service

Our intention with iScoutLA is to bring an entirely new way of thinking about location scouting into our marketplace. This is why we chose the tag line "Location Scouting Reimagined". The "reimagined" part is NOT an attempt to completely change the location scouting process. Rather, we're here to help you think of your career as a business and assist you in creating a future where you're financially secure. The first place we started was to create a User-Driven location service called "On Site Locations." Utilizing it will benefit you in multiple ways... 1) Location Rentals: Each time a location you presented from On Site Locations is rented you'll earn money. 2) Sign Up New Locations: When you signup new locations to On Site Locations you’ll earn money every single time this location is rented for the entire life of that contract. This is intended to help you create a residual income. (These are non-exclusive deals and anyone w/ the direct contact info is still more than welcome to go direct to these locations.) 3) Site Repping: You have first rights to site rep all locations that you’ve signed up to On Site Locations. Anytime they’re booked on a job you're our first call.

On Site Locations

File pull faster with your on-board, user driven, location service! 

Requesting a file pull from On Site Locations is just like any other location service in town. The BIG difference is you can add our file pull into your job at the click of a button. No need to download all the files only to turn around and upload them to your site. This is a HUGE time saver! Give us a shot on your next job. We promise to work hard to exceed your expectations and earn your loyalty!

Supreme Layout

iScoutLA is partners with Supreme Layout & Fernando Gomez

Fernando Gomez and his team bring over 15 years of experience protecting locations. His dedication to getting the job done right is appreciated by location managers and property owners alike. Fernando and his team promise to work hard to exceed your expectations and earn your loyalty! Supreme Layout is a proud member of iScoutLA's preferred vendor network which means you can earn money through rentals and by recommending Supreme to your colleagues.

iScoutLA Cares

Helping our fellow locations brothers and sisters is one of our core values.

Catastrophic Relief Fund

We never know when tragedy may strike one of our own and iScoutLA is dedicated to helping our locations brothers and sisters in good times and in bad. So, we've created a Catastrophic Relief Fund to help struggling locations professionals. Whether it be a lack of work due to an accident, an unexpected surgery or a death in your family, we will use this fund to help the locations community when they need it most.

Membership Price

All iScoutLA Memberships are completely FREE

iScoutLA Membership

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  • Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Earning Potential
  • Share Your Locations or Not, it's up to YOU!

How Can All This Be Free?

We're sure you're thinking how can you offer a product for FREE that's competing with companies like DropBox and SmugMug that have hundreds of employees and make millions of dollars from their annual membership fees?  Great question!  It's because hard working locations professionals like yourself choose to support us by renting from our associated companies.  Not only do we profit when you make this choice, we choose to share this profit with you and we choose to spend this profit on iScoutLA with the aspiration of making it the BEST location scouting platform in the world!  We approach every aspect of our business with teamwork in mind and look forward to the opportunity to help you become a part of the team!  Let's do this!!!


iScoutLA is for locations professionals ONLY! We strictly enforce this rule. Any user caught breaking this policy will have their account terminated immediately.